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Date 2014/02/27 07:30:00 PM
Location 123 Rue Royale, BXL
Organizer Neutrinet


Meeting of the 2014-02-27

Agenda : IBPT Cédric has send a registration form this monday (on the 24)for la RAT for electronic communication and VoIP. They have 2 weeks to answer for that. This mean that la RAT will be able to put antenna. Anyone can be a registred operator at the IBPT. It would be good if the RAT and Neutrinet both started on the 1st of April! The first non profit operators Cédric is filling the form right now. On Bram's name with Joe number since Bram never answer his phone!

Gitoyen registration We are not going to wait for RecordBank and we'll use la post account for that. We might have enough money on the bank account to manage that. ~Bram we'll do that or we'll give bank informations to Joe.

VPN Wannes will talk to Kheops directly on the ldn channel to try to make the technical stuff move on. Should we define a dead line, like end of june, to start looking for a backup plan just in case?


   RecordBank (IBAN: BE52 6528 3497 8409 / BIC: HBKABE22) We have open a bank account to RecordBank, Cédric T, Bram and Joe have signed. But, since we don't have a president and a secretary, all the members of the CA needs to sign for it. Olm told he was going to do this ASAP. Alct has contacted a local office to do that. Joe still has other papers (he doesn't know which to sign). Joe is sorting this for Wannes to have access, Wannes'll need to identify itself at a close office of RecordBank.
   La Post Bank (IBAN: BE66 0001 7910 5143 / BIC: BPOTBEB1) We'll continue to use this account in the meantime because we don't know how long this will take for RecordBank and we want to move on other subjects. Wannes and Joe needs to go to la poste to identify then we will be able to change actives persons for the bank account.

Phpcompta We have phpcompta, youhou! Joe will work with Cédric to understand everything! (as soon as the small bug is solved).

Antenna Joe has made a dossier for the BEA, he has reworked it a bit and after a last check (he asked Cédric T to take a look) and a check by a teacher (Dricot) he'll send it to the BEA. He hope that this is almost done.

a Network of ASBL/VZW There are a lot of associations which could be related to us in Brussels. We should meet, share contacts info, create a mailing list and basicaly help each others. Wireless Belgium Casiopea Domaine public All2all (BxLug) All of them are in Brussels except for Wireless Belgium.

StopDataRetention.Be campaign Should we do something about it? If yes, then what? We are ok to support it! Put it on the website, tweet about it, write an article, a press release or something.

Réseau Citoyens Change from mobistars to Belgacom VDSL at the Brussilia. Things are moving, Cédric T is on it. The point is simply that Belgacom service is better.

Beer to celebrate!