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Location Foyer ULB, Brussels
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Neutrinet public meeting @ FOSDEM 2014

Location: Foyer ULB (/tmp/urlab on OSM)


Bram is introducing the project to everyone. History of our ideas of how create our DIY-ISP :

Oth step : build the official structure : official asbl (mostly done) 1st step : vpn


2nd step : through wireless links (reseaucitoyen)

Freifunk : community mesh network. Providing the internet through that. Difference with neutrinet : not a registered isp. But they have two orga using the network.(one in berlin, one in frankfurt)

What has been done already? We have an official association with simplified status translated in three languages. need to change the bank account VPN : ipv6 from gitoyen /24 in ipv4 and /66 in ipv6 annouced in strasbourg In the process of putting an antenna on the roof of a datacenter and connecting it to the brusilia

roadmap : make it 1- work 2- nice 3- fast build something easy to plug with the wifi/adsl box to connect to the VPN Start now for a box plug and play

Which criterions for the new bank * ethical is better if possible * we need to check if triodos allows us to do payement using the bank account * joe is going to try to give us a list of choice for the next meeting

Should we register to the IBPT * 2 reasons: legal action as an ISP and register as sthe FFDN * yes, we want to do it !!! * Roadmap: open bank account then find money: either crowdfounding by the members or find funding

Suggest to go and see a lot of organisations that can be interested in our project to get funding etc... (triodos has a fundation that funds inovative and durable projects) Suggestion see maison de l'entreprise to see if they can help us, joe is going to do that

Long term: having very easy to set up box for *DSL connection and so everyone will be able to connect to the network without being a techy