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Date 2013/08/15 07:30:00 PM
Location 123 rue royale (Brussels)
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Status Ready


meeting neutrinet 15-8-2013 state of the affairs : Olm-e : nothing new (WE + hollydays ... nobody answer the phone ), except some good conversation with Ivan and a schema about the wifi-fiber option combined with the VPN server solution... (see wiki ). Bernard: mails -> brain : isp.mbox: 10% , neutrinet.mbox 0%

What has been done?

presentation of the approach of Olm with wifi/fiber.

Discussion by jlz of the fact that the VPN will not especially be needed because we can provide public IP adresses via dhcp.

taziden proposed to collaborate with Gitoyen to create a neutral isp (cf mailing list), Kheops as taken contacts with them, they have start to answer and said this is ok to have IPs and be hosted there, but this will be confirmed at their AG in 2 weeks. Neutrinet will probably need to became a member of gitoyen.

Alain advanced on the backhaul : he discovered a mine of informations about Belgacom's offers. Has found 2 offers, one of them is VDSL2, this will probably be the best offert to start. He present the whole physical infrastructure of the network. We are discuting the whole prices, for the moment this is very expencive and we need to pay everywhere.

Prices for VDSL2:

VDSL2 between the user and the DSLAM: 8€/month if the user if he still has his belgacom phone line, 14€/month otherwise.

In the EMAN: 1,93€ by Mb/s (this is *very* expensive). is it ? this is not expensive at all

Then we get out of the PoP to the datacenter, and there we will have other things to pay for.

For interventions by the belgacom techniciens, we will need to pay to. We can be formed for that (with an examination at the end) to avoid this price be the formation cost some hundrens of €.

Pay, pay everwhere!

It's impossible to be competive.

=> creating a file showing that it's impossible to build a competitive isp next to belgacom can be helpful for political action

We'll need to start to find a pool of persons and associations ready to subscribe to our service, --> only doable when we have some sort of pricelist and economical model

discussion with taziden, a subscriber use arround 500kb/s per month, apparently 1mb/s at 1.93€ is apparently not expesinve

Ivan has taken contact at the festival of commons with someone (Hans) that knows a person that has launch one of the first ISP in Belgium (not active anymore) tekno punt(?). We will try to take contact with him.

Next wednesday, Neutrinet ASBL will have a CA meeting to launch an AG because the TVA office is unhappy about the absence of communications of stuffs.

Dark fiber Numericable: http://www.numericable.be/carriers/fr/carte.aspx

What are you going to do?

Cédric Ternon and Alain will clarify the price of the link between the POP and the router

We will find informations at FFDN's AG about the mean bits per second consumed by users by month. Alain will ask the assistant of the director of wholesales @ BCG

We need to find how much it cost between the router and the Core IP.

Also need to explore the fibers offers.

Ivan will continue his networking, he will contact Nicolas and see for the guys related to teknopunt.

Get informations of the needed material

Neutrinet CA meeting.

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