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Date 2014/01/10 07:30:00 PM
Location 123 rue royale (Brussels)
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First meeting of 2014.


   Meeting Neutrinet 1/2014

presentation of the current members done, we have fill the whole table \o/

30C3 + DIY-ISP + ça aura lieu au FOSDEM meeting neutrinet at FOSDEM met a few Belgians at 30C3 taziden did a talk on DIY ISPs, we deciced that we would exchange and talk more between all the diferent initiatives there was a meeting following this talk https://db.ffdn.org and http://diyisp.org were launched freenode #diy-isp Some community networks like Freifunk may become real ISPs (allocating publicly routable IP addresses) local : Urlab ?? (trop petit ... ? ) -> UrLab est entrain de regarder pour un local beaucoup plus grand (le foyer) time : samedi

VPN point Kheops is explaining where we are :

* ips are provided by Gitoyen (french) /24  IPv4 and /36 IPv6
* LDN in  Nancy > Strasbourg will host our VM with the VPN 
* LDN have to ask officially their transit provider if they can announce neutrinet IPs on their network >  but it's responding slowly ... 
* LDN & Gitoyen are waiting for our status to be legally published

technically : user DB, LDAP+RADIUS, VPN (OpenVPN,IPSEC,...)

Status posted - waiting for an answer on monday to do : intern rules (rêglement d'ordre intérieur). On this subject legal questions need to be fixed, especially depending on if it's a 'service' or an access to the internet, this isn't clear right now, also on the horrible data retention part.

On data retention, an ISP now need to keep (in Belgium):

* source TCP port
* ip address
* quantity of data transmitted
* and probably more ( location )

This law is really horrible (alct will post more information about it on the ML).

But we shouldn't refrain ourself from moving on, we have options to handle this issue. Problem: if we want to be member of the FFDN, we need to be registered as an official ISP which would make use fall under this law.

We can ask a prejudicial question regarding that law because it's unclear.

The legal aspects weren't fully tackled during the meeting, the discussion needs to continue on the mailing list. There was a consensus between the attendees (10+) on the fact that we must become an "official" ISP (registered to the IPBT/BIPT).

Visit of 2 DC on Friday (olme + altersid + askarel) First, LCL near the airport, build on another datacenter "build on fiber optic, the ground is full of them". Welcoming guys. Discuss the idea to put a server and an antenna on the roof for reseau citoyen (to create a backhaul to the internet), quite normal procedure for them.

Several options:

* rent a cabinet + the place for the antenna
* see with an existing service provider to rent a rack for them

Place in the rack could be usefull to rent place to existing organisation.

BIG CONCERN: the datacenter is very low, you see nothing :(

Too many options, we didn't discuss price.

Very good feedback from the guys.

They are expanding, they are planning to build a 5 floor building next year.

Openmind are located there.

Next, Interxion.

Very nice view from there to the brusillia building. But no meeting there so no more informations.

All2all Were there are at "are you being served?", they are doing cool things, hosting, maybe they can host use, we need to talk to them.

Olm think that they might be in LCL.

DN42 askarel proposed to do it with UrLab or at HSBxl (en plus de chez Remi Laurent) UrLab is motivated

Bank Bram send Bram is going to send 1€ to see if it's block. Alct gave all the physical informations

SSL/TLS We have one, but it's for urlab.be, so this sucks. Askarel is going to create a thread on the mailing list to talk about that. 18€/year: http://www.trustico.fr/products/rapidssl/certificat-ssl-rapidssl-a-bas-prix.php no wildcard 159€/year, with wildcard


* olm aimerait qu'on fasse des workshops sur comment faire un VPN
* askarel voulait faire des workshops où on apprend à faire du DNS etc ...
* to be registered as an ISP we need to pay 300€ per year + 100€ the first year at the IBPT
* the RAT isn't registered yet
* apparently everything is closed at the IBPT before the elections (unclear source)

> 2 steps to take :

 -  see how to technically securely store minimum logs when we start, to be protected of prosecution
 -  challenge the law 
* à discuter: POP -> olm
* contact@neutrinet.be
* @neutrinet
* cotisations, if you want to become a member of the ASBL it's 25€/year, you can ask Bram or Joe or Olm
* la cambre ? nothing new
* Sid and jlbear are now member