Event:Meeting 2015/12 (General Assembly)

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Date 2015/09/24 07:30:00 PM
Location World Trade Center, tower I, floor 25, 28-30 boulevard du roi Albert II, Bruxelles
Organizer bram
Status Ready


General Assembly 2015


Members && meetings

  • 22 -> 40 -> 52 members
  • 6 -> 28 -> 40 who has a subscription to the VPN
  • 11 meetings, 1 member meetings, 1 install party, 4 stands (esperanzah, diy days, alternatiba, braderie de lille), Forum Social Mondial, several talks (CCC, poissonerie, FIJ, journée du libre), FFDN AG, WTC DC meeting
  • quite some interventions at the radio (mostly campus)

Stuff done

  • DIY-ISP meeting during FOSDEM
  • we have paid the IBPT
  • a lot of work on the VPN: testing && stabilisation mostly, moving to LDAP, postgresql
  • new shiny frontend website with a lot of pictures
  • we have a new (and final I hope) logo
  • great improvment on our VPS stability from LDN
  • improvment on the backoffice side
    • vpn.neutrinet.be:8000 (management interface)
    • start of work regarding what has been payed by a member for his subscriptions
  • Internet Cube:
    • we've made it \o/
    • lot of work to make it real, on Neutrinet, YUNHOST and LDN side
    • custom made image
    • choose the hardware
    • spread the word in FFDN
    • documentation
    • adaptation of YUNOHOST
    • deal with olimex (thx maxime)
    • cube.neutrinet.be has been made for commands
      • translated into french
    • labriqueinter.net by LDN
      • translated to english thx to Neutrinet (and FFDN)'s community -> internetcu.be
      • same for video subtitles
    • installation scripts for neutrinet (and others)
    • 2 big group orders
    • stands at events
    • lot of positive feedbackl
    • the choice of the name
    • 1 install party
    • installations at kload place
    • encrypted partition work is advancing
    • looking for the bananapi for a rooter-like version
    • cube hackaton starting tomorrow
    • members meetings
    • flyers ~o~
    • it's possible to say that you have cube on db.ffdn.org
  • New server: chose to move to I3D after a lot of other great offers
    • after long prospection, reservation has been made
    • physical move of the server has been made
    • configuration is avancing, wannes is spending a lot of time on it (but seems to love it)
    • nearly done for the installation
    • we have our own sentry instance for now
    • we have our own AS number \o/
  • member internal list is now updated regulary
  • we have stickerz, many stickerz \o/
  • we have close the bpost account
  • we are opening another one at keytrade
  • reverse DNS is now possible
  • we went to Lille to help launch a local ISP and hold a stand for the FFDN
  • Datacenter at the WTC
    • contacts with verixi
    • had a meeting for that
    • olm is on it
  • we try to make contact with the bFiber guy but no response for new

CA election

Joe doesn't present himself for re-election, CedricT, Wannes, Bram and Olm (suppleant) do.

Aurélien "Sombrefay" enters it as a the treasurer.


FUTURE (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  • we have paid the IBPT
  • a lot of work on the VPN: testing && stabilisation mostly, moving to LDAP, postgresql
  • Datacenter @ WTC
    • 10 000 € (one shot) + 400 € / m (verixi)
  • Antenna on an ULB building @ Solsboch
    • Need someone to push the subject on the administrative side
    • a mettre sur l'agenda de BEA(?) (conseil d'etudiants ULB)
  • moar involved people
  • DC WTC && other possibilites with Verixy
  • Reseau Citoyen (in link with previous point) (including ULB's antenna?)
  • Improve the community aspect of Neutrinet and better support
  • Better support for our members
  • Maybe less advertisment and improve our foundations?
  • we need more hands and less bus factor
  • No more/less Bram?
  • Temps des communs
  • Essaimage?
  • Talk with other association like BxLUG?
  • bFiber?
  • cube for associations
  • open pricing
  • guide for the internet cube